Eldridge Labinjo

Co-director, Eldridge Labinjo:


I believe that most people want to be ‘themselves at their best’, contributing and growing as individuals and as constructive members of society and experience working as one of the statutory directors of the D&CW foundation as a ‘noble endeavor’. 

Working with the aim to facilitate greater financial security for dancers; connecting people through dance and communicating the potential well-being benefits for everyone; providing solutions for improved general health and well-being, these are all things that motivate me both personally and professionally. 

My own background was first as a classical and neoclassical dancer.  I then retrained in text theatre, with the aim of becoming a movement director/ text choreographer.  However it was shortly after my first commission in the theater that I embarked on a new goal, namely becoming a Master Coach of Strategic Intervention.  Here I learned valuable tools and techniques resulting in my working as, among other things, a presentation and communications consultant. With more than 30 years experience as a professional performer, creative thinker and artist, I have incorporated all these various fields into my work. 


At the foundation, my strategic creative thinking, knowledge of coaching techniques such as ‘values systems’, and analytical capabilities, allows me to contribute fully towards achieving growth and contribution for our sector. 


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