Andrew Greenwood

Co-director and Founder: Andrew Greenwood,

I thrive on educating, motivating and inspiring people to understand the value and the relationship between the body, movement and life.

Over the years as a professional dancer and international ballet master, I have experienced at first hand the moments of struggle, growth, maturity and glory that come together when one is engaging in dance, be it professionally or a pure hobby. 

Seven years ago I dedicated a big part of my work in Dancer’s health (injury prevention & rehabilitation), offering guidance in how dancers can enhance their personal well-being, physically and mentally. That would provide the foundations of knowledge and assist me in my unexpected turn of events where I am now. To discover that not only Dance needs Health but Health needs dance. 

A few years ago the artistic director of a dance house in the Netherlands was diagnosed with Parkinson’s at the age 37. I was at that time engaged as the house ballet master and developing an injury prevention and rehabilitation center for dancers. Due to his disappointment with the options in physical training as a Parkinson’s patient, he asked me to accompany him into the studio. We started applying dance techniques and exploring how dance could enhance his physical and mental state. After discovering the amazing effects and possibilities of these dance sessions, we decided that we needed to move into further investigation and study. We looked into different resources as the Dance for PD Program (Marc Morris foundation), literature, and patients themselves and other experts from the field of science and dance.  

Since 2012 we founded the Dance for Health Foundation. As the head of education and research the last three years, over 40 teachers have been educated internationally under my mentorship and classes were established for Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis in cities in the Netherlands, Italy and Australia.  As a creator of Swicth2Move I am thriving in sharing my method in how to enhance the life of people with chronic physical or mental impairments.

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