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  • Today, we are releasing the D&CW digital community forum space, a new resource that is both secured and helps its members. This space helps through allowing it’s members to connect, explore, grow and contribute!
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validate          –          share          –          sustain          –          train          –          create

validate dance   –  cross-share   –  sustain integrity   –  train artists   –  create ambassadors



The Dance & Creative Wellness Foundation

Founded: 23rd March 2016 at the National Opera & Ballet, Amsterdam

Clare Guss-West and Andrew Greenwood initiated the ‘Dance & Creative Wellness’ Foundation, an inclusive Foundation organised for and by professional artists currently representing ten European member countries. The Foundation aims to be both Ambassador and Guardian of this developing field with the priority to validate dance, create ambassadors, foster cross sharing, sustain artistic and scientific integrity and train future generations of teaching artists.

Encouraging artistic, creative innovation in dance, hand in hand with scientific research, to establish working models for healthcare and for wellness application that will provide sought after quantum leap solutions. Coming together, Foundation partners form a real force for European innovation and a ‘voice’ and authority for cross-sector partnership.

“The human body needs movement

to balance right and left

to distribute and assimilate energy

to circulate the blood and fluids

to prevent disease and aging

and extend life.”

Hua Tou, renowned physician 100 c.e.

Foundation Aims:

The Foundation aims to increase the circle of influence of ‘dance’ by facilitating partnership and providing a platform for cross-sector dialogue with stakeholders from European health strategy and the private health & wellness sectors in the commitment to further the role of ‘dance’ in public health and quality of life.

1. To Validate Dance
• Show/share inner workings of Dance
• Promote clarity around the specificity of models

2. To Create Education & Training
• Creating Partnerships – cross-share – sustain the connectivity

3. To Facilitate the Dissemination of Research
• Develop opportunities to connect between artists – researchers – healthcare – for sharing and dialogue from multiple perspectives
• Create Ambassadors – working in partnership with larger companies and institutions

4. To Explore Business Models – Up Scaling
• Start with what you know to reach more people. Demonstrate the scale – the diversity of the practice
• Focus on Preventative Health Models

5.  To Develop ‘Applied’ Dance in Health Care & Wellness Sector
• Offer workshops and Dance experiences to as many as possible
• ↵ Addressing what we already know – Communicates Benefits – Creates Business Models – Creates Ambassadors
• ↵ A common vocabulary is created for all of us


Clare Guss-West MA

Clare Guss-West MA Former Managing Director EMEA Six Senses Spas, trained at IMD, Lausanne in ‘High Performance Leadership’, Clare is an Holistic Health consultant, practitioner and author, today Clare’s focus is the integration of holistic wellness principals...

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Andrew Peter Greenwood

As a dancer, choreographer and artistic director, Andrew has seen enormous changes in the way that the arts have been funded. With government subsidies slashed, and increased competition for the corporate sponsorship big theatre groups have had to drastically adapt,...

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